Monday Memo, Feb. 18, 2013
Vol. 11, No. 6

Posted on by Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas



Lent logorevisedTransfiguration and the path of faith

I love the way the readings from the second Sunday of Lent  bring together all three parts of our Lenten theme of “Awaken, Discover and Inspire”.  Now, I know  these readings were not put together for our theme, but they were brought together because each piece teaches us about the steps we need to take to be stronger in relationship with God.

The first reading describes God’s covenant, or agreement with Abraham, which became the basis for the religion of Israel. Abraham abandoned a life he knew to begin a new life under one God. “In return for Abraham’s venture of faith, God made a covenant . . . promising that Abraham would be the father of a great people.”

Abraham was awakened to belief in one God. He embraced a profoundly deep love and faith in our God.

Paul’s letter to the Philippians is the second reading.  He encourages early Christians to look to the power of Jesus and to follow the path of Jesus in faith. This reading alludes to the Transfiguration of Jesus, when He revealed his true divinity and power to the disciples Peter, James and John.  He showed them who they would become through Him – illuminated with the glory of the divine. Their discovery on the mountain changed the way they viewed themselves and their work on earth.

The Gospel for the second Sunday of Lent is about the Transfiguration. “This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him!” When the voice had spoken, Jesus was found alone. And they kept silent and in those days told no one any of the things they had seen.”

Talk about being inspired!  That was exactly what the Transfiguration did.  It inspired the three disciples and also transformed them forever.  From that day forward, they understood that their lives in service to the Christ was the path that would also lead them to being transfigured. The same  is true today for us:   “We are . . . works in progress. We are being re-created and transfigured in Him.”

This Lent, take the path started for us by Christ on Mt. Tabor. Be awakened. Discover the fullness of Christ and His Church. Be inspired toward your own transfiguration in Christ and strive to engage others with the Lord.


Friday Mass of Thanksgiving for the Pope
As we now grow more accustomed to the Holy Father’s decision to resign his office of Pope on February 28, 2013, I have issued a letter to all our pastors and pastoral administrators asking that each parish celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving for the work of Pope Benedict XVI on the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, February 22, 2013 and that we all pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the deliberations of the Cardinals during the upcoming conclave in Rome.

Here is the letter:

Timage003he news of the resignation of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI came as a surprise to all of us in the Church, but it brings with it an invitation for us to be united in prayer during this very special time for our Church.

Your pastors will be receiving directives regarding the proper liturgical protocols following February 28, 2013, but for now I have a special request for the entire Diocese of Tucson.

On Friday, February 22nd, the Church observes the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter the Apostle. This feast brings with it special readings and prayers honoring the first pope, St. Peter, and becomes a very fitting time for us to give thanks for the papacy of his holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. 

I am asking that the Masses in all the parishes of the Diocese on February 22nd include specific prayers of thanksgiving for Pope Benedict XVI and prayers to the Holy Spirit for the election of our new Holy Father. 

After noon time on February 28th, you will notice that the name of the Pope will no longer be included in the Eucharistic Prayer and other prayers during Mass until a new pope is elected.

Let us pray together during this very special time in our Church.  Upon the election of the new Pope instructions for the celebration of Masses and adorning the church doors will be sent to the parishes.


Sincerely yours in Christ,
Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas


Annual Catholic Appeal
Last week was Commitment Sunday. I am grateful to all who made a pledge to our Annual Appeal: Together in Christ, Doing God’s Work. Over the next few weeks I ask that our pastors, priests, and pastoral associates continue their effort to help people realize the importance of the campaign in supporting the 26 ministries and charities so important for the work of the Church in our Diocese.

Through the Appeal, I am able to support seminarians preparing to serve as priests. I am able with your help, to train deacon and lay ministers to serve in our parishes. Our Appeal helps support St. Elizabeth of Hungary Clinic where the poorest of the poor, those without insurance, can receive medical assistance.

Your gifts will accomplish much good.


Photo by Lisa Nañez Members of our Diocese’s Reachout Pregnancy Center walk team, front row, left to right: Kathy Rhinehart and Isela Celaya. Back row, left to right: Gracie Quiroz, Nico Quiroz, Steff Koeneman, Lisa Nañez and Liz Arguallo.

Photo by Lisa Nañez
Members of our Diocese’s Reachout Pregnancy Center walk team, front row, left to right: Kathy Rhinehart and Isela Celaya. Back row, left to right: Gracie Quiroz, Nico Quiroz, Steff Koeneman, Lisa Nañez and Liz Aguallo.

Congrats to the team!
I am happy to report that our Diocese team that participated in the Reachout Pregnancy Center’s annual walk raised the most money among the 16 teams in the event.  Our team raised more than $1,500 and braved the fierce cold on the wintery morning of
Feb. 9.


Walks like this one benefitting a cause or charity are great opportunities to help others in a fun and social way, and I am glad our team could help a cause such as the Reachout Pregnancy Center during Lent.


The center started in 1973 by Rev. Carey Womble, M.D., and a group of women who came together to discuss ways to offer alternatives to abortion. Reachout was able to help nearly 50 women that first year. Last year, Reachout assisted about 5,000 women, and this year, the center is on track to assist about 5,200 women.


The services now provided by Reachout include: pregnancy tests; sonograms; pre-natal counseling and guidance; adoption information and referrals; counseling for women, counseling for women with parents, boyfriends or husbands; as-needed referrals for medical and employment planning; help and guidance in all related areas; and clothing and diapers.


Every service provided by the center is free of charge.


My congratulations to our team: Lisa Nañez and Isela Celaya, both of our Human Resources Department; Liz Aguallo, of our Property and Insurance Office; Steff Koeneman, our Director of Communications; Gracie Quiroz, a Reachout Board member and executive director of the Catholic Tuition Support Office (CTSO); Kathy Rhinehart, our Chancellor; Nicolas Quiroz, Jo Ann and Ernest Sayre. Thanks also to all of our Pastoral Center staff members and others who pledged donations and support to the team!


Presbyteral Council
Our Presbyteral Council meets this morning at the Pastoral Center. Topics for discussion include reports from our 11 Vicariates, a discussion on immigration reform, an update on our Annual Catholic Appeal, the confirmation delegations whereby the Vicars help with confirmations that I am not able to celebrate, and of course, the recent resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. We will begin exploring priest candidates to fill vacant parishes for the change of assignments on July 1, 2013. I am hopeful that assignments will be finalized sometime in March to allow the former and new pastors to consult with one another and make for a smooth transition.


St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Parish
This evening I will be meeting with members of the St. Margaret Mary Alacoque parish community to discuss their questions and ideas about a new pastor. I will meet with the staff and later with any parishioners who attend the open meeting.


As you may recall from my Monday Memo of Jan. 22, the Discalced Carmelite fathers, who have shepherded this church since its beginnings in 1915 and even after it became a regular parish in 1956, will no longer be administering the parish after July 1, though they will continue to serve at Santa Cruz Parish. This  change at St. Margaret Mary is necessary due to the diminished number of vocations in the Carmelite Order.


I am mindful of the deep ties the parishioners have had and continue to have with their beloved Carmelite priests, and I am looking forward to hearing their thoughts about the type of leadership they would like to have in the future. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the church at 801 N. Grande.


My thanks to Father Robert Barcelos, pastor, Father Albert Bunsic, parochial vicar., and to Father Matthew Williams, O.C.D., Provincial of the Western Province of the Carmelites, as they continue to work diligently with the parish in its transition.


I will confirm members of the St. Francis de Sales Parish tomorrow evening. St. Francis has a very strong youth program and I know these candidates have done many hours of service and have worked hard to prepare to receive the gifts of the Spirit.


Upcoming: ACE Academies Capital Campaign
This week Father Joe Corpora, C.S.C, of the Notre Dame Ace Academies and I will be presenting information to potential donors for a capital campaign to address critical infrastructure enhancements at the three Diocese of Tucson schools involved in the ACE Academy program.


These schools are  St. Ambrose, St. John the Evangelist, and Santa Cruz. These parish schools have long histories in their neighborhoods, but unfortunately there has not always been enough funding available to keep up all regular maintenance of the aging school facilities.


For example, Notre Dame University secured some needed computers for the three schools but the electrical systems need to be updated before they can use them. The partnership with Notre Dame has enhanced the academic and spiritual programs at these three schools. Now we have to upgrade the facilities to match the improved programs that are being offered.


Our schools were the first NDAA schools in the nation, selected in 2010 after a feasibility study showed strong local support for the Notre Dame partnership and the opportunities created by Arizona’s various private school tax credit programs and now the empowerment scholarships.


ACE academy staff members work closely with Notre Dame educators also working in the schools toward the goal of improving academic achievement within a school with a strong Catholic identity.


I am hopeful we can find supporters to be able to secure the needed funds for the necessary capital improvements for these three schools. I am grateful to Margie Puerta Edson and the Catholic Foundation for assisting in this effort.


New Appointment to the Schools Office
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Sister Leonette Kochan, O.S.F., as an Assistant Superintendent in our schools office effective July 1. She has served generously as principal of Santa Cruz School and has strengthened the program there significantly. She will bring many talents to her new role assisting Sister Rosa Maria Ruiz, C.F.M.M., Superintendent, and Sheri Dahl, also an Assistant Superintendent, as they serve our 26 Catholic schools in the Diocese.


Directors’ Meeting
All of our Pastoral Center directors will be meeting Thursday morning. Topics to be

Rabbi Rabbi John Linder talks with Bishop Kicanas in a breakout session.

Rabbi Rabbi John Linder talks with Bishop Kicanas in a breakout session.

discussed include:  the upcoming strategic planning meeting for directors in May; ongoing departmental goals and department web page updating.


Aid to Refugees
Bishops Olmsted and Nevares of Phoenix, Bishop Kirk Smith, Episcopal Bishop in Arizona, Bishop Steve Talmage, Lutheran bishop in Arizona and I will meet this Friday with U.S. Senator Jeff Flake to encourage him in his important participation in formulating a comprehensive immigration policy that will address the needs of our State and nation.


The Congressional delegation in Arizona will play a key role in the formulation and support for immigration policy reform. Last week a group of interfaith leaders met in Casa Grande to discuss how this religious and moral issue can be addressed by our country. There was a great deal of energy in the room among the religious leaders determined that now is the time to act. A number of creative strategies were discussed and will be implemented over the next several critical months as our Congressional leaders and our

Fathers James Aboyi, Sebastine Bula, Jorge Farias-Salcido and Msgr. Ambrose Nwohu at the meeting on immigration in Casa Grande.

Fathers James Aboyi, Sebastine Bula, Jorge Farias-Salcido and Msgr. Ambrose Nwohu at the meeting on immigration in Casa Grande.

President in Washington debate immigration reform.I was pleased to see so many of our priests attend that meeting including Fathers Sebastine Bula of St. Bartholomew in San Manuel; Thomas Cahalane and Jorge Farias-Salcido of Our Mother of Sorrows; Sean Carroll, S.J., of the Kino Border Initiative, Jim Hobert of Sacred Heart in Tucson; Samuel Jandeh of St. Patrick in Bisbee; Ambrose Nwohu of St. Helen in Oracle; and Ron Oakham of
St. Cyril.


A lofty celebration
I am delighted to return to Our Lady Queen of All Saints Church on Saturday (Feb. 23) where I will bless the now restored sanctuary and its roof that had been damaged during summer storms on Aug. 6.


The repairs to the roof and the subsequent drywall, furniture and floor damaged by the water coming into the church during that storm were costly: $142,500.


I am sure the parish community is happy to have Mass in their church again. Since the storm, liturgies have been taking place in St. Bernard’s Hall.


Photos by Steff Koeneman Above, representatives of the 18 parishes participating in Sunday’s Rite of Election raise high the Books of the Elect, while at right, participants gathered on the altar.

Photos by Steff Koeneman
Above, representatives of the 18 parishes participating in Sunday’s Rite of Election raise high the Books of the Elect, while at right, participants gathered on the altar.

My thanks to Father Alonzo Garcia who has rallied his community through this storm, and to Liz Aguallo and John Shaheen of our Property and Insurance Office, who have assisted the church with damage assessments and with organizing repair work.


Rite of Election
Yesterday it was my joy to preside over one of three Rite of Election celebrations our Diocese is holding during this Lenten season.  The liturgy took place at St. Augustine Cathedral, which was packed with candidates and catechumens and their families and friends.  There were 18 parishes represented at yesterday’s celebration.  It was tremendous.


There will be another ceremony at St. Augustine Cathedral on Sunday, Feb. 24. A third celebration will take place at St. John Neumann parish in Yuma on Friday, March 1. Parishes in the Yuma  area participating with catechumens and candidates include: Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Heart of Mary in Somerton, Sacred Heart in Parker, St. Francis of Assisi, St. John Neumann and St. Jude Thaddeus  in San Luis.

Photos by Steff Koeneman Above, representatives of the 18 parishes participating in Sunday’s Rite of Election raise high the Books of the Elect, while at right, participants gathered on the altar.

Participants gathered on the altar.


In all, there are 203 catechumens and 296 candidates for full communion participating in the process to join the faith this year. At the Easter Vigil in their parishes, the catechumens will receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion and the candidates who are already baptized will receive Confirmation and Communion.


My thanks to Sister Lois Paha, Ofelia James, Grace and Charles Lohr, Kyle Frank, the Diocesan Choir and also to the members of the Bell Choir from St. Andrew in Sierra Vista for making this important liturgy both beautiful and well-organized.


Photos by Steff Koeneman Above, Bishop Kicanas surrounded by students and parents of St. Anthony de Padua School during Mass. At right, Bishop read to students in a preschool class at the school.

Photos by Steff Koeneman
Above, Bishop Kicanas surrounded by students and parents of St. Anthony de Padua School during Mass.







St. Anthony of Padua Visit
I enjoyed very much my visit to Casa Grande to celebrate Mass with the school children of St. Anthony School. They were great. I was especially thankful to the third graders who helped plan the Mass. It is also encouraging to see so many parents and grandparents attend these school Masses.


While in Casa Grande I had a chance to visit the St. Vincent de Paul Center next to St. Anthony which is supported by the donations from the parish. What an impressive organization. They run a thrift store. They have a food pantry. They provide needed temporary help as well as clothes and items needed by families who are struggling in these difficult economic times. Much good is being done day after day.


Photos by Steff Koeneman Above, Bishop Kicanas surrounded by students and parents of St. Anthony de Padua School during Mass. At right, Bishop read to students in a preschool class at the school.

Bishop read to students in a preschool class at the school.

Father John Arnold, pastor, could not have been more gracious. It is clear the people love and respect their pastor and value the gifts he brings to the parish and school under his pastoral care.

Above, Father John Arnold, pastor at St. Anthony chats with workers in the St. Vincent de Paul Center near the parish, and below, Bishop talks with Selma Sipes,  Conference Administrator for St. Vincent de Paul in Casa Grande.

Father John Arnold, pastor at St. Anthony chats with workers in the St. Vincent de Paul Center near the parish.



















Year of Faith – Upcoming events

1. Beginning Monday, Feb. 25

Diocese of Tucson Year of Faith Office Hispanic Ministry Presents:
Lent 2013 ~ Cuaresma 2013


image030Las Cuatro Grandes Constituciones del Concilio Vaticano Segundo series by Monsignor Carlos Romero-Moreno, previous Parochial Vicar at St. Augustine Cathedral in Tucson presently serving in the Diocese of Margarita in Venezuela. This series will be presented in Spanish.

  • Series:   Monday, February 25,    Monday, March 4    Monday, March 11,    Monday, March 19, 2013
  • 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at San Miguel High School Gymnasium – The Jim Click Center 6601 S. San Fernando Road..
  • Please RSVP to: Office of Hispanic Ministry Sister Gladys Echenique  or Office of Pastoral Services Ofelia James 520-838-2545

These sessions are offered free of charge.


2. The  Documents of Vatican II
Presented by Bishop Gerald Kicanas
March 3
If you would like to learn more about Gaudium et Spes and Lumen Gentium – two historic and church-changing documents of Vatican II, I encourage you to attend one of the future presentations. Here is the list of upcoming dates and locations. All of the presentations are from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

March 3 – Immaculate Conception, Yuma
April 14 — St. Cyril of Alexandria, Tucson
September 8  – St. Andrew the Apostle, Sierra Vista



En español: Un Nuevo Rostro de la Iglesia

Conferencia: Domingo, 3 de Marzo


Un Nuevo Rostro de la Iglesia“: El mundo en su constante devenir vive cambios.

Nuestra Iglesia Católica, movida por el Espíritu Santo no es ajena a esos cambios

y nos muestra un nuevo rostro a raíz del Concilio Vaticano II.

Líneas Maestras del Vaticano II“: La Iglesia y el Mundo se han alimentado de

las grandes ideas del Vaticano II. En esta Presentación daremos una

aproximación a esas líneas guías que han orientado la vida de la Iglesia

durante estos últimos 50 años..


Instructor: Moenseñor Carlos Romero-Moreno

Msgr. Carlos Romero Moreno pertenece a la Diócesis de Margarita (Venezuela).

Es Licenciado en Liturgia por el Pontificio Instituto de Liturgia de Barcelona (España). De sus 35 años de sacerdocio,siete los vivió al servicio de esta Diócesis de Tucson (2003-2010) como Vicario Parroquial de la Catedral “San Agustín” y profesor del Common Formation Program. Actualmente es Vicario Cooperador de la Iglesia “San Juan Evangelista” en su Diócesis de Margarita y Director de la Escuela de Diaconado Permanente


y Ministerios Laicales. Entre sus publicacionesse pueden citar: “Liturgia para Laicos”, “Reflexiones sobre el Amor

y la Familia”, “Al servicio de los pobres”, “Algunas Respuestas Católicas”.


Conferencia Gratuita

Conferencia: Domingo, 3 de Marzo

12:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Parroquia de la Inmaculada Concepción

505 South Avenue B ~ Yuma

Para mayor informacion e inscribirse contactar:

Reverendo Javier Perez, Pastor

Inmaculada Concepción



image0314. Living the Eucharist and The New Evangelization
March 4 and March 5

Father Kenneth Boyack, C.S.P., vice president of Paulist Evangelization Ministries (, and distinctive speaker and writer having authored, co-authored, or edited 17 books including The New Catholic Evangelization and Awakening Faith, Reconnecting with Your Catholic Faith (co-authored with Fr. Frank DeSiano, C.S.P.).


Father Boyack served as general coordinator for the development of the U.S. bishops’ document, Go and Make Disciples, A National Plan and Strategy for Catholic Evangelization in the United States. He has developed resources such as Invite! and Catholics Reaching Out to equip parishes to invite and welcome inactive Catholics and those with no church family. He currently serves as the general coordinator for Living the Eucharist.


Father Boyack will present an overview of the elements of the New Evangelization and highlight ways in which we can incorporate these teachings into the works of teaching and preaching for our local church.

This presentation is for deacons, laity, religious education leaders and catechists, youth and young adult leaders, liturgical ministers, Catholic school teachers and all who want to learn more about  the NEW EVANGELIZATION and LIVING THE EUCHARIST


Monday, March 4, 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.           

Redemptorist Renewal Center, 7101 W. Picture Rocks Road, Tucson, AZ 85743

Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Immaculate Conception Church, 505 South Avenue B, Yuma, Tucson 85364


5. March 9 – The Future of Faith Formation
Presented by John Roberto of Lifelong Faith Associates, this one day program is designed to assist all those involved in parish faith formation. The session takes place Saturday, March 9 at Most Holy Trinity Parish, 1300 N. Greasewood, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The cost is $10 per person, or for groups of four or more participants from the same parish or school registered together, the cost is $6 per person.

The registration deadline is March 4. For additional information, contact Isabel Madrid at 520-838-2544 or email to

Roberto is editor of the journal Lifelong Faith and is coordinator for the Faith Formation 2020 Initiative. He also is author of several books: Faith Formation 2020: Designing the Future of Faith and Becoming a Church of Lifelong Learnings. He was the founder and director of the Center for Ministry Development, where he worked for 28 years.


Please remember the aunt of Father Rudy Rosales, parochial vicar of Our Lady of Grace in Maricopa, who was buried from St. Anthony’s Parish in Casa Grande on Friday as well as the brother of Deacon Don Fisher who was also laid to rest last week.